Active and Passive Safety

Passive Safety:-

A passive safety feature is a system that does not do any work until it is called to action. These features become active during an accident, and work to minimize damage and reduce the risk of injury during the time of impact. These systems are seat belts, air bags, and the construction of the vehicle. These devices automatically deploy when the car gets into a crash.


  • • Laminated glass

  • • Airbags

  • • Fuel pump kill switch

  • • Seat-belts

  • • Belt-bags

Active Safety Systems:-

active safety system works to prevent an accident. These systems always stay active while you drive, and continuously work to keep you from getting into an accident. Most active safety features are electronic and controlled by a computer. They include traction control, electronic stability control, and braking systems. These also include advanced driver assist systems that use sensors such as forward collision warning and lane departure warning, along with adaptive cruise control.


  • • Brake Assist

  • • Early warning of severe braking ahead

  • • Electronic Stability Control (ESP)

  • • Traction control