Life at Radiant

At Radiant Semiconductors, We have developed a culture that encourages employees to Think-Over, Innovative and Creative. We take pro-active steps towards retaining our top talent and avoid the expensive process of replacing good employees.

Exciting work and challenge

This is the opposite of boredom. Boredom leads to a loss in productivity and focus. Rather than letting our employees just go through the motions, we challenge them with stimulating work that has a direct impact on our company’s success.

Career growth, learning, and development

Radiant aim to foster a desire among employees to want to stay with our company. One of the key elements in an “employee’s intention to leave” is their level of commitment to the organization. Commitment is directly related to opportunities for employee development, so by offering training we are cultivating commitment.

Fair Pay

Radiant Offer a competitive benefits package that fits our employees’ needs, we also, provide meaningful annual raises.  Apart from compensation other perks, such as flexible time and the option of telecommuting to accommodate their outside lives.