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With our framework built around GPS navigation, one can successfully integrated below functionalities

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Allows end users to track any type of vehicle tagged with a GSM & GPS installed.

  • Route Planning
  • Route planning gives option to feed the route information before the vehicle starts. This will be guided navigation for any driver to effectively transfer and monitor the route.

  • Driver Assistance & Speed Monitoring
  • With Driver Assistance and Speed monitoring, one can configure alerts to driver and can monitor speed of the vehicle for safety. In case of any violations, automatic alerts are shown to user. Below are features which can be used

  • Route Assistance
  • Feed the route for the vehicle and track. Display alerts during the route.

  • Log Management
  • Log Management gives more about vehicle full details related to running information and routes travelled.

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Useful in case of any emergencies to take different route and informing in real-time and vice-versa. Decision are taken from a control centre most of the time to resolve any conflicts.

  • Route Change Notifications
  • Inform about realtime route changes to the drivers and diversions.

  • Live Tracking
  • Track the vehicle in real-time and configure alerts.

Display system

Display systems targeted for displaying content over different sizes of screens ‐ LCD or LED or both. Our solution consists of pixel-based mechanism which make sures the content is properly displayed on different size of screens. Our solution consists of below functionality.

  • Multiple screen sizes ‐ small display to bigger display
  • Design pixel-based rendering
  • Render same text on both LCD & LED
  • Multi language support
  • No external converters required
  • Group based display


Infotainment targeted for on-demand accessing of any type of audio or video files over a secure intranet or VPN. The categorization of content gives you more control for dividing into multiple sections/categories.

  • On-demand audio streaming
  • On-demand video streaming
  • Define & Categorize content
  • Access insights
  • User login-based access OTP/PNR
  • Easily setup in Intranet or over VPN

IOT Application

PAPIS - an application targeted for exchanging data between running devices with multiple zones. Enriched with Realtime alerts and emergency notifications.

  • Role based Logins
  • Web & Desktop versions
  • MQTT/AWS IOT Communication
  • Data sync connectors
  • Bitmap encodes & decoders
  • Multi language Support
  • Live data processing from multiple devices
  • Live Tracking
  • Reports
  • Log processing
  • Schedulers
  • LED & LCD support
  • Custom firmware
  • SFTP & FTP
  • Real time alerts
IOT application


Irrigation system - an IOT based application designed for mitigating risks in irrigation system. Helps end users to effectively monitor their crops

  • Automate field regular operations
  • Programmable based on the crop, soil and whether conditions
  • Remotely can be viewed the vitals and current status
  • Manual override is allowed
  • Fault monitoring
IOT application

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