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Radiant Semiconductors offer multiple services to check and monitor applications and software infrastructure detecting and preventing possible cyber threats, attacks and vulnerabilities. Our services include bespoke cyber security, cryptography, network security, internet security, information security computer security and IT security to suit every business and client requirements.

Radiant additionally ensures risk assessment service to monitor info section practices against the established standards of NIST CSF and ISO 27K suggesting room for improvement of the existing systems.


Security Testing

Programmed to discover security challenges of enterprise mission critical application in coherence with OWASP guidelines and other industry standards to rectify common security issues and detect web vulnerabilities. Radiant employs a pool of commercial and open source tools aiding early detection of security bugs and vulnerabilities in the application development life cycle. This methodology mainly adopts SOURCE CODE REVIEW to detect and correct errors and false techniques in programming that might lead to potential security issues and DYNAMIC APPLICATION TESTING to simulate offensive attacks on applications utilising automated and manual scripts

Penetration Testing

Our human intuition based approach detects and warns adversary break-in attempts, hacking attacks and malicious threats. The technology is benchmarked to simulate assessment of application specific sophisticated attacks on the application architecture and business logic.

Vulnarability Assessment

Radiant proffers the best technology to detect weaknesses in the IT application, finding possible vulnerabilities and breaches of security in the IT infrastructure and elements and draft a feasible action plan to remediate safety measures to avoid unauthorised accesses and unethical practices.

Risk Assessment

Radiant’s security strategy assesses InfoTech maturity against NIST and ISO 27K framework. The global testing standards protocols are made available to the customers to assess the people, process and technologies and validate the performance and appreciation of security requirements in terms of opportunities in tools and technologies using risk based outcome.

Testing Tools

We possess a wide range of testing tools, a hybrid of commercial and open source tools to maximise value for businesses. Our experts offer a personalised experience and discuss with the customers and formulate the desired service request options using tools and licenses.

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